山下和仁 Creative meeting with maestro Kazuhito Yamashita

You will perform on the stage of Shirakawa Hall, and Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita will listen to it in front of you. After the performance, you will be given the opportunity to have an interview (individual meeting).



対 象 :山下和仁に、自身の演奏を聴いて欲しい人


「動画提出」 2021年8月31日まで

2.作文 / なぜ山下和仁の前で演奏したいのか?
1) 好きな曲
2) 日本の作品(ギター曲,編曲,民謡,自作曲など)※楽譜提出
3) 山下和仁レパートリー曲より1曲
4) 一言コメント(演奏動画の最初あるいは最後に3分以内程度)

選考委員:Creative meeting with maestro Kazuhito Yamashita committee(山下和仁氏、他)


応募方法:1.E-mail[件名:Creative meeting with 山下和仁]にて、「氏名」「連絡先住所」「電話番号」「メールアドレス」「年齢」をご記入の上、エントリーしてださい。

 ● 当Creative meetingは、原則非公開で行われます。 ● お送りいただいた個人情報、応募書類、演奏動画等は関係者のみが所有し、適切に取り扱います。 ● 当日夜、山下和仁ギターリサイタル〈ゲスト:山下紅弓〉を同会場にて開催いたします。

運営&お問い合わせ先:株式会社ミュージック・ステーション 担当 / 伊藤
愛知県名古屋市千種区内山3-25-6 千種ターミナルビル905
music-station@road.ocn.ne.jp  ※ お問合せ方法:原則E-mailのみ
Tel.052-734-3461 Fax.052-734-3462



Q. 当日は名古屋へ行くことはできませんが、動画だけでも観ていただくことは可能でしょうか?
A. はい、可能です。応募だけでも可能ですので動画をアップしてくだされば、全てを拝見いたします。

Q. 私はギター奏者ではないのですが、他の楽器演奏での応募は受け付けていただけるのでしょうか?
A. はい、他の楽器の方でもご応募いただけます。マエストロ山下氏に自分の演奏を聴いて欲しい、という想いが最も大切なことです。

English ver.
Creative meeting with maestro Kazuhito Yamashita

You can play at Shirakawa Hall which is one of the best concert hall in Japan. And Maestro Kazuhito Yamashita will listen to your performance. You also get an opportunity to have an individual meeting with him.

Date:Sat.16 October 2021 (in the morning)
Venue:MS&AD Shirakawa Hall
2-9-15 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 460-0008, JAPAN

【Application Requirements and Screening Process】
Anyone who wants to show your performance for Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita regardless of age, nationality, professionals or amateurs.
Recruitment numbers : several people

Application period:
Entry deadline : 15 August 2021
Video Submission deadline : 31 August 2021
(It may close earlier than scheduled depends on the number of applicants)
In early September, all applicants will be contacted individually after the screening process.
※Successful applicants will be asked to submit the list of their repertoire, and then Kazuhito Yamashita will decide which songs will be played in front of him.

Required documents, (in English or Japanese)
・Curriculum vitae (CV).[your experience as guitarist or amateur]
・An essay about ”why do you want to perform in front of Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita?”
・Video recording of your performance
※In the video, at least one selection from the following each 3 different styles
must be contained. And please give us a few words(less than 3minutes) either
in the begging or at the end of the video.
Video lengths must be less than 30 minutes.

  1. Free choice piece.
  2. Domestic works from applicant's country
    Guitar solo works, arrangements, traditional songs, your own composition, or so.
    Please also send us the photocopy of the sheet music.
  3. A piece from Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita’s repertoire.
    Selection Committee:Mr.Kazuhito Yamashita and members of committee.
    Fee:5,000yen for the application entry
    Fee must be paid within a week after your application.
    Successful applicants will need to pay another 5,000yen after passing the selection.
    ※these fees will be allotted for operating expenses.

How to apply?
1.Please specify the matters of 1~5 in the main text, and send us an e-mail with the subject
[Creative meeting with maestro Kazuhito Yamashita].

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone number
  4. E-mail address
  5. Age
    2.Applicants will get a reply and an application form with details from committee
    3.Please submit application form and essay, then submit a video.

・“Creative meeting with maestro Kazuhito Yamashita” is not open to public in principle.
・Committee will only use applicant’s personal information only for this event.
・At night of the day of Creative meeting, Kazuhito Yamashita Guitar Recital 〈Guest : Koyumi Yamashita〉will be held at the same venue “Shirakawa Hall”.

Management & Inquiry:Music station Co., Ltd.
905 Chikusa Terminal Bldg,
3-25-6, Uchiyama, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 464-0075 JAPAN
Tel.+81 (0)52-734-3461  Fax.+81 (0)52-734-3462

If you do not receive a reply within 24hours, please send us again or call us.

We will answer from the inquiries.

Q. I can't go to Nagoya on the day, but is it possible upload the video alone?
A. Yes. It is possible. You can just apply, so if you upload the video, we will look at everything.
Even if you live overseas or are subject to movement restrictions for Corona, please apply.

Q. I'm not a guitar player, can you accept applications for other instrumental performances?
A. Yes, other musical instruments can also apply. The most important thing is to want Maestro Yamashita to listen to their performance.